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What should be my next animated show to marathon? Futurama, American Dad, or The Cleveland Show?

I’ve already done The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy,and Bob’s Burgers. I’ve probably watched most of King of the Hill. I’m looking for a new lighthearted animated comedy that I have left unexplored.

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the expression “i cant say that with a straight face” comes from the fact that straight people have no sense of humour and cant tell jokes

um can you not?

are you straight because I’m sensing a lack of sense of humor
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I finished something I told myself I would never do - I watched through all of Family Guy.

And you know what? It’s actually pretty hilarious. I don’t regret my choice of that whatsoever. I misjudged the show.

Come at me, Tumblr.

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why does the australian flag look like it was made in 3 minutes on ms paint


"Disparaging the flag is a bootable offense! It’s one of their proudest traditions!

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if you haven’t seen this picture yet i’m sorry

if you haven’t seen this picture yet i’m sorry

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The new harry potter movie looks great

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